Worship Team

The Worship Team is charged with “the maintenance of divine worship,” (Book of Order F-1.0304) and with nurturing the congregation in both public and private worship, including but not limited to:

  • Proposing to the Session the occasions, days, times, and places for worship and for the celebration of the Sacraments;
  • Securing persons to preach the Word on those occasions when the pastor is not preaching;
  • Organizing the ministry of ushers, greeters, readers, flower arrangers, musicians, Communion servers, and other worship leaders;
  • Proposing and administering policies for the use of the sanctuary for weddings, civic gatherings, ecumenical and inter-faith worship, and other purposes;
  • Recording worship services and making them available to members and the public;
  • With the Spiritual Formation Team, conducting programs of worship education for the congregation, with a special emphasis on preparing and welcoming children as full participants in worship.