Our History

Historical sign about First Presbterian Church

Organized on November 4, 1832, First Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest congregations in Tallahassee. Its Greek revival sanctuary, completed in 1838, is the only church building still standing from Territorial days. 

From its beginning, the church has been involved in the life of Florida’s capital city. The Territorial government designated the sanctuary as an official refuge in dangerous times, and to this day the church is a place for refuge, service, worship, study, and nurture. 

Several local service organizations got their start at First Presbyterian, including Habitat for Humanity and the Shelter of Leon County.

On Sunday, January 21, 2024, the congregation dedicated a plaque on the outside of the sanctuary acknowledging and repenting of the racism that is also part of our church history:


We regret that our church embraced racism from its founding into the mid-20th century. Enslaved people owned by our earliest members helped build the sanctuary in which we now worship, and after the civil war until the 1950s we turned away persons of color. But our Holy Scriptures remind us of God’s love for all humankind, calling us to love one another. We confess that we have fallen short. We seek forgiveness for ourselves, our church, and its ancestors. We commit ourselves to repairing racism’s breach, that God’s beloved community might take form in and around us. May God guide us on our way.