First Presbyterian Church of Tallahassee, Florida is located in downtown Tallahassee at the corner of Adams Street and Park Avenue.

110 N Adams St
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Office: (850) 222-4504


If you come by car, please feel free to park in the small lot near our Education Building at 110 North Adams Street. You may also park on the street (the parking meters are free on weekends) or for free in the lot at the Aloft Hotel on East Call Street.

Parking for the Mobility Impaired

Several meters on Adams Street in front of the sanctuary are marked “Handicapped Parking Sundays Only.” These are informal designations. You do not need an official handicapped tag to park in these spaces. Official spaces for the handicapped are on Park Avenue. Follow the signs to the elevator on the west end of the sanctuary.


The sanctuary is accessible by wheelchair via an elevator located in the breezeway off the courtyard on the west end.    Spaces for wheelchairs are provided near the pulpit on the north and south aisles.