Song is a response which engages the whole self in prayer. Song unites the faithful in common prayer wherever they gather for worship whether in church, home, or other special place….Through the ages and from varied cultures, the church has developed additional musical forms for congregational prayer. Congregations are encouraged to use these diverse musical forms for prayer as well as those which arise out of the musical life of their own cultures. To lead the congregation in the singing of prayer is a primary role of the choir and other musicians. They also may pray on behalf of the congregation with introits, responses, anthems, and other musical forms. Instrumental music may be a form of prayer since words are not essential to prayer. In worship, music is not to be for entertainment or artistic display. Care should be taken that it not be used merely as a cover for silence.
(Book of Order)


The Adult Choir is composed of adults and youth and leads worship each Sunday. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evening at 7 PM in the choir room during the academic year. During the summer the choir meets in the choir room at 10:00 on Sunday mornings to rehearse. This year the summer schedule will begin on Sunday, May 19. All are welcome!


We welcome instrumentalists as accompanists, members of ensembles, and soloists. For more information please contact Choir Director Ethan Murphy.


The tracker pipe organ was installed 1992 by Taylor & Boody Organbuilders. For more information visit this link.