About Us

We are a downtown congregation called to glorify and enjoy God as we worship through Word and Sacrament, make disciples, nurture faith, serve neighbors, and strive for justice.

We are Presbyterian:

  • Rooted in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),
  • Governed by elders whom we elect to seek the will of Christ,
  • Guided by tradition yet open to reform.

We are downtown:

  • Ministers in the heart of Florida’s capital city,
  • Neighbors of the poor and homeless,
  • Partners with other people of faith.

We glorify and enjoy God:

  • Who loves the world,
  • Who saves by grace,
  • Who is revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We worship through the Word and Sacraments:

  • Gathering around Scripture, Font, and Table,
  • Making music that honors God,
  • Sharing with joy the work of God’s people.

We make disciples:

  • Calling people to repentance and new life in Christ,
  • Demonstrating God’s love through concrete acts,
  • Engaging the mind as well as the heart.

We nurture faith:

  • Studying the Scriptures,
  • Teaching and learning the Christian tradition,
  • Guiding young and old to know and follow Christ.

We serve neighbors:

  • Caring for one another,
  • Reaching out to all,
  • Working to improve our community.

We strive for justice:

  • Holding government accountable before God,
  • Ordering our lives to show God’s love for the least among us,
  • Exercising a proper stewardship of God’s creation.