Member Spotlight: Meredith Strange

From a conversation with Ellie Stewart, pastoral intern.

How did you come to know God – or come to faith?
I was raised in a Christian home (here at First Pres), so God has always been a part of
my life. That isn’t to say my faith is not ever challenged. But I am grateful to have a
strong base to rely upon.

How long have you been at First Pres, and what brought you here?
I was born into the church and have been a member for 43 years.

What parts of your journey at First Pres and/or generally in faith have
been formative?

The most formative parts of my faith journey at First Pres were the summer youth
conferences at Montreat. Montreat provided a welcoming and judgment-free
environment in which to question, challenge, and develop one’s faith.

What parts of life at First Pres bring you joy?
I find peace in the sanctuary. It is where I was baptized; where my sister, Megan, and I
both got married; where my daughter, Darsey, was also baptized; and where I have
spent every Christmas Eve and Easter (and many, MANY Sunday mornings). I am also
a history buff, so I am in awe of the building’s history in our community and our state.

What do you see as needed for the future of this congregation?
We have some lovely young families at First Pres, but I think it is crucial for our future
that we grow the younger population of the congregation.

How do you see yourself participating in that work for the future of
this congregation?

I see myself being present, open-minded, and supportive of the current and future
leadership of the church.

Where have you seen a Triune God recently?
I see God on a daily basis watching my daughter grow into a strong, empowered, and clever little person. I also see God in nature, whether that be down on the coast, on the running trail, or simply in my backyard.