Planning Guide


Our Funeral Planning Guide gives important information about the Service of Witness to the Resurrection followed by our church, and offers suggestions for scripture passages and music which might be chosen.  It includes a Form for you to fill out and give to your pastor and family.


For a PDF of a Funeral Planning Guide, click here.

For a PDF of the form below, click here.

Planning Form


Please print this and fill out the following information. 

Make copies for your pastor and family members.


To those who will make decisions for my Christian funeral:

I have given prayerful thought to the service worship following my death. The following are my preferences. I realize that circumstances may apply which will make it impossible to fulfill every suggestion. I offer these preferences as a gift to those who will worship God at my funeral.


My full name and date of birth: _______________________________________________


My will and other important documents are located: _______________________________


If the pastor of my church is not available, I would like _________________________ to be asked to lead the service.


In addition to the pastor, I would like the following to be asked to assist the pastor:




I would like the following to serve as pall bearers:




I would like the following to serve as readers:





I hope the following scripture passages will be read:




I would like the following to sing a solo or anthem _______________________________________________________________________

I would like the following hymns or psalms in the Glory to God Hymnal to be sung by the congregation:



I wish the service the service to be held at: ____________________________________________________________________________


I desire a memorial service at which my remains are not present ____ Yes ____ No


I desire a funeral service at which my remains are present: ____ Yes ____ No


I desire the committal (burial or entombment) to take place at __________________________________________________________________________


I prefer that both the funeral and the committal services take place at the graveside

                     ___ Yes ____ No

I prefer _____ that my body be buried in the earth _____ that my body be cremated

_____ that my body be given to medical research, and I have made those arrangements.


I wish my "ashes" to be _____ placed in the Columbarium at First Presbyterian Church, additional arrangements with the church are required.


I wish "ashes" to be _____ buried _____ placed in a memorial vault


I would prefer that memorial gifts be made to:


______ First Presbyterian Church  Memo Line: Memorial Fund


Others: ____________________________________________________________________________


Other preferences and information important to those who plan my funeral:







Signature: ____________________________________________________


Please give a copy of this document to the church office and to members of your family.

December 08, 2021
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