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The sanctuary is accessible by wheelchair via an elevator located in the breezeway off the courtyard on the west end.  Parking for the handicapped is provided on Park Avenue and in the spaces in front of the sanctuary on Adams Street.  Spaces for wheelchairs are provided near the pulpit on the north and south aisles. 


For the Hard of Hearing The sanctuary is equipped with a "induction loop" system.  If your hearing aid has a "T - telephone" switch, switch it to this setting for a clear signal.  If your hearing aid is not equipped with this switch, receivers are available from the ushers.  


Order of Service

The Sunday morning worship service is called the "Service for the Lord's Day." 


The Service for the Lord's Day follows a pattern rooted in scripture and the practice of the early church. We provide a printed Order of Service (also called a "bulletin") which lists the elements of worship, many of which call on the congregation to sing or speak. 


Because "liturgy" is "the work of the people," we invite all members of the congregation, including children, to take part so far as they are able.


The Service for the Lord's Day has four basic movements. 

  1. Assemble in God's Name
  2. Proclaim God's Word
  3. Give Thanks to God
  4. Go in God's Name 

The Lord's Supper

 The Lord's Supper (also called "Holy Communion" or "The Eucharist") is celebrated no less than two times a month.  We also share the Lord's Supper on special Sundays in the liturgical calendar. Those who are hungry for the Bread of Life, including children, are invited to take part.


"Traditional" or "Contemporary?"

 We find the labels "traditional" and "contemporary" unhelpful when describing worship at First Presbyterian.  Some elements are ancient, some modern.  Some music is very old, some very new.  Rather than label us, we invite you to join us in giving glory to the Triune God!




December 08, 2021
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