In addition to Sunday morning classes, we offer learning and recreation programs throughout the year.


Dogwood Acres

The Presbytery of Florida offers a superb summer camping program at its 500-acre camp near Vernon, Florida. For details go to the Dogwood Acres Website.


Here are some notes written to the church by the K-5 Sunday School Class.

Dear First Church,

We are glad that we come to you.  You mean a lot to us.  Thank you for being our friends.

Thank you for forgiveness, giving to the needy, and for Summer Camp.  - Raleigh                                                

Dear First Church,

We are grateful for your kindness and helping us to know right from wrong.  You have lighted the path to God.  We cannot thank you enough for your right doing.  -- Jacqueline


Dear First Church,

You mean a lot to us.  Thank you for being our friends.  Thank you for Friday Night Frolics, Summer Camp, stories shared, Sunday School, Preschool, giving to the needy, forgiveness, choir, worship, and for always teaching us God's way.  -- Collin


Dear First Church,

Thanks for being a fantastic church, and being good friends.  I like going to Summer Camp, Friday Night Frolics, Preschool, choir, and worship.  You have been a fantastic church.  -- Abigail

December 08, 2021
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