Creation Care – Seeking Faithful Justice in a Climate Crisis – Fall Series 2023 – 5 Recorded Sessions

When we work to protect creation, we are answering God’s call to till and keep the garden (Genesis 2:15). In the face of a deepening ecological crises caused by climate change, our call to act as earth’s caretakers takes on a new urgency.   The history of our church’s response to this call can be found at

In the fall of 2023, we responded yet again to this call by hosting a five-week creation care series, “Seeking Faithful Justice in a Climate Crisis”.  Recordings of these talks are available here. We encourage you to listen to them and we welcome your input on next steps we could take to address the climate crisis.  Please send your thoughts to

Session 1. Rev. Jim Antal (22-Oct-2023)
Session 2. Michael Ohlsen (29-Oct-2023)
Session 3. Rev. Fletcher Harper (5-Nov-2023)
Session 4. Dr. Bruce Strouble (12-Nov-2023)
Session 5. Panel Discussion (19-Nov-2023)