Worship Team


Chair:         Mark Hohmeister

Members:  Sandy Burkholder

                   Amanda Cannon-Erikson

                   Andra Copeland

                   Dani Ebaugh

                   Holly Kennedy

                   Mary Kutter

                   Jean Lee

                   Norma Meier

                   Adonica Gieger

                   Michael Corzine

                   Brant Copeland



Usher Captain's Duties PDF



To use your gifts as an usher, please click on the "Sign Up" tab on the public portion of the website.


The Worship Team is charged with “the maintenance of divine worship,” (Book of Order F-1.0304) and with nurturing the congregation in both public and private worship, including but not limited to:

  1. Proposing to the Session the occasions, days, times, and places for worship and for the celebration of the Sacraments;
  2. Securing persons to preach the Word on those occasions when the pastor is not preaching;
  3. With support from the Ministry of Elders teams as needed, organizing and overseeing the ministry of ushers, greeters, readers, flower arrangers, musicians, singers, dancers, dramatic actors, servers of Communion, and other leaders of worship;
  4. Proposing and administering policies for the use of the sanctuary for weddings, civic gatherings, ecumenical and inter-faith worship, and other purposes;
  5. Overseeing the use of special appointments such as flowers, candles, banners, paraments, and other objects of art in the sanctuary and other worship settings;
  6. .Recording sanctuary worship services and maintaining a system for the distribution of those recordings, including making them available on the church website;
  7. Conducting, in cooperation with the Spiritual Formation Team, programs of worship education for the congregation, with special emphasis on preparing and welcoming children as full participants in corporate worship;
  8. Promoting the spiritual nurture of the members through daily worship, spiritual disciplines, and other means of private devotion, with emphasis on the balance between private and public piety.

September 26, 2020
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