Spiritual Formation Team


Staff:           Christy Williams

Members:  Cay Hohmeister, Session Representative

                  Hal Beardall

                  Cindy Booth

                  Dani Ebaugh

                  Sandy Neidert

                  Kathee Winstead 

Youth Ministries Architects Report PDF



The Spiritual Formation Team provides for the growth of church members and for their equipment for ministry through programs of study, reflection, and service, fostering the life of the mind in service to God. The team will work to equip the people of God to participate fully in the church’s service and worship, both personal and corporate. In partial fulfillment of this charge the Spiritual Formation Team:

  1. Develops and conducts programs of education for children, youth, adults, and families, including Sunday school, book groups, Bible study, and topical programs;
  2. Oversees the church school and summer camp program;
  3. Develops and supervises ministries with youth and children;
  4. Submits to the Session for approval the names of teachers and other educational leaders and curriculum materials to be used in educational programs;
  5. Works in cooperation with the Worship Team to prepare children and families to participate in worship;
  6. In cooperation with the Mission Team, organizes mission opportunities for children, youth, and adults, including mission trips;
  7. Encourages participation of children and youth in opportunities to experience fellowship at Dogwood Acres summer camps and Montreat Youth Conferences;
  8. Appoint a church member to fill the Spiritual Formation Team’s seat[1] on the Board of Directors of the First Presbyterian Preschool, Inc.; and
  9. Maintains a liaison with the Presbyterian University Center.

The Director of Christian Education is an ex officio member of the Spiritual Formation Team.

September 26, 2020
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